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I started my driving course with MSM Driving School on my seventeenth birthday and passed my driving test eight days later. Learning to drive with msm driving school, was a great experience. My instructor was very professional and helpful throughout my course. I would recommend the intensive course to anyone.


Amy Thrupp

I did the 20 hour intensive driving course with MSM driving school and I couldn't wish for a better course or instructor! who was patient, understanding and an excellent teacher who you can trust and rely on! I passed my test today and I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you.


Ellie Forrester

I would like to say thank you for my driving course as I passed yesterday 29th November, I really enjoyed it and had a lovely instructor who explained things well and was very patient, thank you very much 

:) x


Melanie Thomas

I highly recommend MSM Driving School.  I've had bad experiences with driving tests in the past.

 I booked an intensive driving course with MSM Driving School(best decision I've made) they came highly recommended. my instructor gave me confidence with my driving skills. His aim is your pass! I passed first time with MSM Driving School and will continue my driving life with confidence..

Can’t thank you enough.                                                                      Aimee Williams

Fantastic driving school; passed second time around without the concern of the second charge due to the Guaranteed Pass one-off payment. My instructor was patient and I felt very at ease with him. Both the instructor and the knowledge that no matter how many times I failed, whether it was twice or twenty-two times,

I was guaranteed to pass without having to pay more money set me at ease. Sincere thanks and a definite thumbs up!


Bronwen J.

Thank you very much for everything you did to help me pass my driving test! The course was really good and gave me a lot more confidence on the road. I found your parallel parking technique really useful and have been using it a lot this past week.

Thank you.

Paloma Thompson

I passed my driving test 11 days after my seventeenth birthday

The driving course with MSM Driving School was excellent

My Instructor was really good and helpful.

Making sure I was ready for the driving test.


Matthew Prothero

"I hadn't taken driving lessons for several years after failing my test twice.

MSM Driving School's intensive course was well structured and thorough, and left me confident to take my test in only a week. John was an excellent instructor, very patient and explained things clearly. I would happily recommend his intensive course to anyone, and I am thrilled to have passed my test so quickly."


Danielle Harper

Hi its Soraya,


Here is what i have to say :D

'I had a fantastic and very professional driving experience with the MSM driving school on a 5 day residential course. After 30 hours with a well-known driving school, I learnt nothing and did not cover any manoeuvres, but MSM came to the rescue! MSM quickly and efficiently enabled me to complete my manoeuvres in just 2 days, which I later mastered and continually practised with my instructor before for my exam. I also covered a variety or roads, which not only helped me in my driving test but also ensured that once I passed I was well equipped for driving back home. I  was met every morning to complete 4 hours of driving. With the intensive 5-day course, I was fully prepared and confident for my test, which I passed (this was my first time sitting it) but I was also readily equipped to deal with any situation a novice driver could come across. The techniques and method of teaching was very useful, enabling me to consolidate what I learnt in my spare time. Thank you very much MSM Driving School who provided me with a fantastic service, a wonderful experience and the opportunity to learn A LOT !'
All the best,
Soraya Thompson​


"Passed first time with MSM driving school.Really enjoyed the 20 hour driving course and would highly recommend. Your success is guaranteed."


Cheers John.Really grateful.


Melissa Kagoro

I am extemely pleased to announce that I have passed my driving test and it's all thanks to John.

I would like to say I had an amazing experience with you and would highly recommend you to everyone I know and thanks again

Yours sincerely


Samantha Carbis


John: amazing instructor passed

me with 0 faults recommend to

anyone! So patient made me

feel so relaxed can't

thank you enough!

Calvin Hiscox

Saqib Ali.jpg

If you need to pass your driving test quickly go with MSM like I did. I think if anyone has a problem passing MSM driving school can help. Thanks

Saqib Ali

Dawn Harvey.jpg
Ian Ward.jpg
Shaun Pearce.jpg

I recently done the 32 hour  course with MSM driving school. And from the very first day I was amazed about how far I drove, what I had learned  which I feel  fazed out some of  my anxiety issues that I was desperately trying to hide. My instructor had more confidence in my progressing than I did, which gave me confidence gradually through each lesson. He had the patience of a saint and nerves of steel and I cannot thank him enough for helping me reach my goal. 

"A PASS" 26-03-19  9 days after my first day in the driving seat.  So a massive thanks again John. 

Ian ward 


I would like to leave a review for John at MSM. I have struggled to learn to drive/pass my test with previous instructors and had no confidence whatsoever after failing 4 tests. However, I was adamant I had to pass my test, so I booked a course with John. John was very reassuring,  patient and a fab teacher. And after only a few weeks I applied for my test and passed!!! I would highly recommend MSM and specifically John. I am delighted 😊. Thank u

Dawn Coughlin

I have to be the most nervous driver in Wales. This is what I told myself everyday since I was 17. When at the age of 17 I attempted to learn to drive. Within hours of being behind the wheel at such a young age and low on confidence I quit and never attempted to learn to drive again. That was until 15 years later and I grew tired of busses  and trains. I decided to look for an instructor who would be able to cure my fear. I decided to try again. MSM came up on a Google search and I looked at other drivers feedback - it's now or never. The price was fantastic and I had no more excuses. John not only gave me a down to earth realisation of my fears. He applied a great deal of patience and care to ensure my confidence grew. Not just when I was behind the wheel. But with further advice on what I can do to learn while I was at home. I genuinely believe that if I hadn't chosen MSM and John to help me achieve my driving test, I may never have done it for the rest of my life. To anyone who's nervous, unsure or hesitating - just give this one a go.. make that first initial contact and look forward to freedom that comes with your brilliant decision. Thank you so much John. I will never have enough words to summarise how you've helped change my life for the better.

Shaun Pearce

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